Call To Action 83
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Creative Collaboration Towards Reconciliation

In September 2015, sixteen Simcoe County artists were inspired to initiate a {Re}conciliation Art Project. They came together to learn from each other, share stories, gain understanding and collaborate on a linked series of artworks. The project is titled after the Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission: “A strategy for indigenous and non-indigenous artists to undertake collaborative projects and produce works that contribute to the reconciliation process.”

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Artwork photo credit: Extreme Imaging

Participating artists: Peter Adams, Nathalie Bertin, Jennie Clark, Xavier Fernandes, Marilyn George (Nahtwekakatusake, Lakota: Holy Star Woman), Robert Henry (Sagajiwegiizhik, Coming From the Sun), Clayton Samuel King (Waab Shki Makoons, New Little White Bear), Nancy King (OgimaaKwebnes, Chief Lady Bird), Jeanette Luchese, Christina Luck, Joanna McEwen, Mary Louise Meiers, Jon Oelrichs, Mercedes Sandy, Paul Shilling (Dazaunggee), Paul Whittam (Negik, Star Otter)

Each work is the creation of a unique personality, aesthetic sensibility and skilled hand yet the 16 pieces share many images -- themes that bear witness with honesty and respect to the facts of past experience while envisioning a future toward reconciliation.

Call to Action #83 lays out a roadmap for ‘awi-niigaani-mino-wiiji-inawendiwin’ – ‘going forward together in harmony.’ .