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xf “Hope”
Woodcut print, limited edition, 8” x 10”
$300, unframed

It was not easy being the first artist to start this process. I felt that there was not enough time to produce an image that would be powerful and convey my thoughts. I didn’t even know what my thoughts were. How was I going to inspire other artists through my art? A very challenging place to be in, for sure. It would have been easier for me to be second and create something based on someone else’s work. The pressure made me work harder, and in the end I chose to make a wood block print, which is not new to me. But to work on such a small scale was new. 

On the way home from the sweat I was thinking about the feather and how it has two sides, two truths, and in the middle is where they meet. The night was clouding over, and I was lucky enough to see the full moon, blood moon, only for a moment while driving. When I got home, it was clouded over and I was not able to see it anymore. The next few days I spent searching for ideas as I looked at the feather and the white buffalo hair I was given, both sacred to the native people. While researching stories and information related to truth and reconciliation, I found a story that stuck with me. I recall it being about an Eagle flying through the crack of dawn and stopping the Creator from destroying the Earth. The Eagle asks the Creator to let him fly over the land, and if there is smoke from one fire, then there is hope and to let the people live. All these images of hope were in my mind. As you can see in my print, I have darkness and the light of a full moon, an eagle flying through the crack of dawn giving people a chance to right what is wrong. The feather and the white buffalo have great meaning and positive energy. From my reading of stories, I found the seven fires are burning and create hope for all mankind to choose the right path. If there is hope, we can create the world we want. Peace and Love.

I graduated from Sheridan College in Interpretive Illustration in 1999. I have worked in watercolours, oil, acrylic, gouache, charcoal, graphite, stone and metal sculpture, spray paint and printmaking. I have shown work in various galleries and venues in Midland, Barrie, Orillia, Newmarket, and Lagoon City. I am a founding member of Zephyr Art Gallery in Orillia, as well as a member of the Orillia Museum of Art and History, Peter Street Fine Arts, and Quest Gallery in Midland.  Currently I am experimenting with wood block prints, including some made using a steamroller, which came about through a fundraiser at Quest Gallery in Midland. Look for my work at Details Salon, Studio 11, and Peter Street Fine Arts in Orillia.