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Mixed media collage on canvas, 60” x 84”

For a very long time three people walked the Earth. They were known by many things. For now they are called the Three Generations. They lived in harmony for many years as they journeyed across this Earth. Along the way each experienced hardship. The first lost their face, the second lost their voice, and the last lost their sight. With the loss of their senses and identities they became separated from one another. As they struggle, the three generations continue to regain what they have lost and to come back together as one. To once again live in harmony. But it is a long journey and a rough road ahead. It starts with us taking the first step as child, parent and grandparent to reconnect as a people. And to know the hardships that we have experienced in the past and learn from them to create a better future, to not allow the past to define us as a people.

To come.