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The Artists & The Work

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1. “Untitled”
Hand made Torchon lace with added beadwork, 12" x 12" 
Prints available.   


2. ”Heart Berries” 
Oil on paneled canvas, 30" x 40"  

The story Mercedes related about her personal relationship to the Brantford residential school and the children who carved their names into the bricks moved me to create an image of hope! The heart berries are thriving; two ravens suggested themselves quite unexpectedly! The handmade Torchon (French) bobbin lace represents the first major contact culture and honours our M├ętis. It was a tedious exercise in patience, and I had to do it twice. The working interrelationships of two cultures (as seen in this piece) offer enrichment and hope!

I was born Joanna Aegidius Andersen in Parry Sound, Ontario in 1941. I am married to Peter McEwen, co-parent of three wonderful children, Sara, Ian and Joel, grandmother of Fiona, Samantha, Kelton and Thomas, and adopted Gigi to Emily and Grant. I am moderately fit and passionately interested in life, learning and making art. A considerable portion of my work is a record of select historical phenomena marking place, particularly the domestic mappings of place made by rural folk. I am particularly moved to record the banal of the daily tasks completed by the hand, most often conditioned mechanical acts made by women as markers of place. The mystery of the creative process, which I am compelled by nature to bring to the non-art community, also fuels my work. A maker by trade, I am totally immersed in my materials and their particular physical properties. My most recent projects include a 52-work series featuring abandoned small rural church interiors; an investigation of disappearing rural fencerows; and a continuing series looking at aged and aging women.