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“Truth Nothing but the Truth”
Diptych, acrylic, graphite on canvas, 30” x 60”

Creating is an intuitive process. Everything in and around me finds a voice in what I create. This piece is very much a product of not only the ‘Wildfire’ process, but as well many, many things, some difficult to speak of, but all needing a voice.

I was very fortunate that Nathalie Bertin took the time to stay and visit when she dropped off her piece, which gave us an opportunity to get to know each other a little bit. She shared her thoughts and motivations for her piece, a wonderful “Wild Strawberry.” Through all her words and in looking at her piece, there was a heaviness that arose from her need to make important what was at the core of Truth and Reconciliation. Armed with that reflection and a photo of her piece, I set off. What I didn't realize was the impact of that week’s news articles and discussions with friends that tore at my mind and heart ... the suicide stories of First Nation children: those that had to leave their small communities just to gain an education, transplanted to large cities, overwhelmed by it all, they found the act of suicide was their only solution; the unfathomable situation of the children of Attawapiskat under 'suicide watch'; the movement in Nova Scotia to remove Edward Cornwallis's statue from a prominent location in the city and the efforts to ‘tell the truth’ of the settlement of Nova Scotia ... to some considered ‘Unceded Lands’. The fact that Cornwallis initiated a scalping proclamation caused me to sense the extent of genocide at that time.

Throughout the process, the photo of Nathalie’s piece lived on the wall next to my panels. I opened myself up to whatever was to come and intuitively let happen all that wanted to happen. What rings true to me, and what I hope you can sense in my piece, is the strength of a people, despite continued efforts even today, whose spirit could not be defeated. It lives on, grows and beats stronger. It is this, I believe, that my work speaks of – the necessity to see/tell/experience the truth, the truth of the past, the truth of the present and recognize a people’s spirit that will always be strong. In this spirit we will find our hope that will move hearts and bring about the positive change needed for Truth and Reconciliation.

I am an Italian-Canadian and reside in Innisfil, Ontario. I attended the Graduate School of Design and Visual Art, Georgian College, and the School of Design, Sheridan College. My practice is an inquiry into a state of being and I create within the disciplines of drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture, poetry and, when so moved, in sound. My work has been exhibited internationally.